Welcome Messages (#)

Dear new members and players , we are pleased to welcome you to 'Secret-road' the most fun game to play with friends. Considering becoming an adventurer, knight or warrior. Well , you are about to start the biggest adventure you can ever take with alot of friendly players out there. Wonderful new adventures will excite and exhilarate you. 'Secret-road'is filled with fun, excitement and adventure. As always we are keen to attract new members and players to our community, if you think of any family members, friends or colleagues who might be interested then please tell them to come along and join our 'Secret-road' community. We will install important updates automatically. Endless , priceless and free gifts are on their way to you. Enjoy your adventure :) , "Win daily prizes at different times during unexpected events in one of the most interesting games you would ever play. Endless prizes are waiting for you! and the most important of them all is "the Secret Coin" the one everyone is chasing. The winner name will be announced during the game. Wars, trading, disappearance and much more events are waiting for you. You don't wanna miss this. Make sure to inform your friends."

Secret RoaD- Staff


Game Rules (#)

- Don't abuse or steal other players, doing this will result in a ban.

- Any complaints can be addressed to the administrators through private messaging..

- Don't use any proxy to donate your items , This may cause to close your account for ever.

- Players aren't allowed to interfere in any of the game rules nor the administrative decisions..

- Don't use any invalid payment methods, otherwise your account will be banned immediately.

- Any type of advertising is not allowed. Mentioning or talking about other games is not allowed.

- Don't use or post any illegal programs (use of bots, flooding, spamming,..).This will result in a permanent account ban..

- Any type of impersonation of staff members , using nicknames similar to that of the admins will result in an immediate ban and removal of your account.

Secret RoaD - Staff


Game Info (#)

- EXP / SP x250.

- Party EXP x300.

- Drop rate X80

- Silk And Gold Always for free.

- Egy A And Pets And Avatars always by Secret Coin

- PVE Game / Cap 110 DG 11

Secret RoaD- Staff