About Events (#)

Win daily prizes at different times during unexpected events in one
of the most interesting games you would ever play. Endless prizes are waiting for you and the most important of them all is " the secret coin" the one everyone is chasing. The winner name will be announced during the game. Wars, trading, disappearance and much more events are waiting for you You don't wanna miss this. Make sure to inform your friends.

secret-Road- Staff


Game Rules (#)

- Interfering in the game rules is not allowed .

- it's forbidden to use any nicknames similar to that of the GM's .

- We do not have a normal player in our game only official GM's account .

- Use of bots, advertising, flooding and spam are not allowed in the game .

- stealing other players will lead to permanent block of your account .

- Invalid payment methods will lead to ban your account .

- you are only allowed to send the administration if you have any complaint regarding the game.

- Do not involve in real currency exchange with other players Game management isn't responsible about any scams .

secret-Road - Staff


Special Name Gifts (#)

- Yello Names

- Special Avatars And Pets & Stones

- Gold & Silk

- Secret Coin And Other Coins

- Power Egy A

secret-Road- Staff